May 21, 2020

How Huawei Technologies is helping connect Canada to high-speed internet

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(Norwich, UK, 6/8/2019)

Whilst the internet may seem like a ubiquitous tool, ready and waiting at our fingertips, for many of Canada’s rural communities, poor or no internet access is a common reality.

Huawei hopes to remedy this by helping to connect all Canadian’s with high-speed internet by 2030.

To make its commitments a reality, Huawei has turned its attention to the remote towns and villages across Northern Canada such as Inuvik.

The biggest challenge facing Huawei in this endeavor is the region’s harsh climate conditions.

 Since temperatures can plunge to -40°C, Huawei has worked hard to create equipment which can withstand difficult weather conditions.

To take on this challenge, Pereira points out how Huawei relies on the expertise of its team (today the firm has around 1,100 employees in Canada, with around 91% being Canadian citizens) as well as its renowned R&D capabilities.

Huawei has also drawn upon past experiences; in 2017, it launched RuralStar, an affordable base station to help bring internet connection to villages in Africa.

“Having access to high-speed internet can be life changing in a few ways,” said Christopher Pereira, Director of Public Affairs, Huawei Technologies Canada.

 “With high-speed internet, you can open an online store or help your business grow beyond your own community, so it’s helping to connect the north to the economy. Another aspect that’s often overlooked is how it can help communities reconnect.”

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