May 21, 2020

How KUBRA balances information security protocols with providing positive customer experience

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(Norwich, UK, 12/11/2019)

KUBRA features in this month’s edition of BizClik Media’s publications FinTech Magazine, Gigabit Magazine and Business Chief Canada with exclusive interview with Tushar Chandgothia, Vice President of Information Security and Risk Management.

A shift in mentality between generations has forced KUBRA to re-evaluate how it provides services. Gen X, Y, and Z are looking for easy frictionless interactions. “They ask a question and expect a reply within minutes,” Chandgothia elaborates. 

In response, KUBRA developed artificial intelligence-based solutions to efficiently respond to client messages. With new technology comes both convenience and complication. KUBRA’s applications are made up of over 600 different components, flavours or sub-applications. To avoid vulnerabilities in new code, KUBRA engages in a shift-left mentality. KUBRA’s development and implementation team, made up of over 150 people, centres around creating and testing new code. 

Every piece of billing and payments code at KUBRA is passed through a security tool that highlights potential security vulnerabilities. “When the developer is tinkering with new functionalities, they find out about the vulnerability early and it’s fixed before it is released into the market,” he says. For additional security testing in its billing and payments applications, one of KUBRA’s partners, Cobalt Labs work as hired hackers, trying to break into applications and find vulnerabilities that KUBRA can then adjust for. 

When it comes to ensuring a balance between functionality and security, Chandgothia says it is important to always be on the lookout for the next great thing. “We want to be at the forefront of payments,” he says. “That’s the strategy that has driven us in the last few years.” Services such as Forrester and Gartner help him compare vendors, ensuring any technologies KUBRA replaces will only be made better. “We are continuously evaluating what makes the most sense from a business perspective, where we have the most flexibility, where we can allow the client to provide for themselves rather than having us be in the middle. How can we help them help themselves to meet their expectations?” 

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