May 21, 2020

How Microsoft is transforming Canada's healthcare

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(Norwich, UK, 06/12/2018)

The Healthcare Industry Lead for Microsoft Canada speaks exclusively to the Canada edition of Business Chief magazine.

A fifth of the world’s population use Microsoft’s products on a daily basis and now, the IT giant is set to revolutionise the healthcare space.

As well as shifting from systems of record to systems of insight, Microsoft is also moving towards systems of engagement, making it possible for patients to interact with healthcare providers in new ways.

Patient engagement is one of the four pillars of Microsoft's model to transform the country's healthcare system, alongside empowering care teams, optimizing operations and transforming the continuum for better patient care.

"Traditionally we've spent a lot of money and resources on digitizing healthcare records. We are now focused more on systems of insight that will enable us to access data and make better decisions on patient care and the operations in the hospital,” said Peter Jones.

"We see that effective use of data analytics as the only proper way of achieving population health, whether it's management of chronic disease to prevent unnecessary re-admissions, or supporting patients to manage their care plan, timely and accurate information is key."

You can read the full feature on Microsoft Canada in the latest issue of Business Chief Canada.

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