May 21, 2020

IPG: building trust in cybersecurity

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(Norwich, UK, 12/13/2019)

Interpublic features in this month’s edition of BizClik Media’s publications Gigabit Magazine and Business Chief USA via an exclusive interview with Chris White, Deputy CISO, who discusses how cybersecurity has the power to enable creativity. 

“What I don’t think a lot of people understand is that every single person that owns a smartphone, tablet, smart watch, even a smart fridge, etc., is under attack, every minute of every day,” explains White.

“There is a global war going on in cyberspace. There are criminal elements, state-sponsored elements - that classic idea of the kid in the hoodie in his mom’s basement doesn’t even scrape the surface.” 

He continues, “Inevitably people hear that and say ‘well now I’m afraid to go outside,’ so to speak. ‘What do we do now?’ The answer is just to behave normally. There’s no sense in becoming a doomsday prepper, living in a bunker with the phone lines cut, because all the companies that make and support everything you do at home and for work, they understand that cybersecurity is critical to doing business. That’s why they have guys like me who are doing our absolute best to protect you.” 

Across global companies, operational functions and departments are transforming their operations to ensure they not only perform those functions but also enable, support and add value to the enterprise as a whole. As IPG, a business fueled by creatives working in the world’s best advertising agencies, this is vitally important. “We’re ensuring that we’re never, ever ‘the office of no,’” says White. 

“IPG has a creative culture. The people here are working on how to make the next great Superbowl commercial, how to really support their clients with a marketing campaign that’s intelligent, appealing - all those things. The upshot is that I can’t just mandate that people use particular tools or software. I need to enhance my agency's function, and that means creating an environment that is secure, but also not restrictive to the creative process.”

To discover the full story, click here to read the magazine.

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