May 21, 2020

LSG Sky Chefs: Making a greener America

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Business Review Australia & Asia's September’s sustainability issue is now live

(Norwich, UK, 11/13/2019)

LSG Sky Chefs features in this month’s Business Chief USA.

More than ever, climate action is an essential corporate responsibility. LSG Sky Chefs, as part of the LSG Group, is an airline catering company committed to sustainability, working to reduce its carbon footprint, and leading by example. Ricky Bivens, Head of Sustainability and Director of the company’s Zero-Waste to Landfill (ZLF) program, has been a driving force behind this initiative since he joined the company almost a decade ago. 

“Waste is a huge expenditure across North America and, while there are a number of variables, there are also a number of constants,” he explained. Once Bivens assessed these variables and constants, he devised the ZLF program: “While you can’t control the cost of a compactor, you can control what goes into it.”

Bivens toured all 42 LSG Sky Chefs’ U.S. locations in order to evaluate how the template of the ZLF program would need to be modified to suit local jurisdiction and federal regulations. He explains that landfill was no longer an option because the ecological damage it was causing was becoming increasingly apparent. 

“I speak to a great number of the companies that we work with and question the need for their methods. Whether it is the type of plastic being used, the amount of packaging, or their transportation methods, together we challenge the vendors with ways in which they can improve upon their carbon footprint. We may meet with opposition but, more often than not, they understand that if we do what is environmentally correct, then the bottom line takes care of itself.” 

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