May 21, 2020

The Nordex Group: leading sustainability transformation with powerful wind turbines

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(Norwich, UK, 07/12/2018)

The Head of Project Management at Nordex Group speaks exclusively to Business Chief magazines.

Following a pivotal merger between Nordex and Acciona Windpower, Nordex Group has emerged as a key player in the sustainable energy market.

This is thanks in part to its combined expertise, its customer-centric approach and its technological innovation.

The firm strives to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients by remaining flexible, promoting innovation, and adapting to feedback to deliver the best solution from a project-to-project basis.

With around 5,000 employees under its wing, the workforce undoubtedly has an important role to play in fostering continuous improvement.

Therefore, safety has remained front and centre of the firm’s strategy. From hazardous weather to working at heights or near high voltages, workers face a series of risks and therefore a strong safety culture has been embedded into the organization.

Looking forward, in 2019, the Nordex Group says it will install its first commercial 4.5 MW wind turbines in international markets which will combine the best elements from the Acciona Windpower turbine with the original Nordex turbine.

 “These are projects that are incredibly complex and could be worth millions, so collaboration is absolutely key,” explained John McComas.

The people who work on these projects every day are the most important asset we have.”

You can read the full feature on Nordex Group in the latest issue of Business Chief USA.

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