May 21, 2020

RiverStreet Networks: digital disruption to telecoms infrastructure

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(Norwich, UK, 07/08/2019)

RiverStreet Networks features in this month’s Business Chief USA.

RiverStreet Networks was established in 1951 to create access to telephone services in rural North Carolina.

The Communications Act of 1934 ensured that having access to a telephone is an inalienable right, leading to companies and cooperatives being subsidized to build telephone infrastructure.

“Our mission at the time, although we didn’t know it, was to serve the unserved,” says Jody Call, the firm’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Under its expansion strategy, RiverStreet has acquired and merged with other businesses in the state of Wilkes County, North Carolina.

The company anticipates that its customer and account rate will reach 35,000 by the end of this year, following the completion of further deals, with 25,000 of those customers connecting to broadband.

Part of the firm’s continual transformation includes regularly evaluating each incumbent vendor relationship and their respective product roadmaps.

These relationships and roadmaps have to be aligned with the firm’s current and future plans as they change – as technologies change, customer needs change, and cost is always an underlying factor.

Read the story here.

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