May 21, 2020

The role of sustainable energy at the City of Brampton is profiled in this month’s Business Chief Canada

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(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

This month in Business Chief Canada, we talk to Chun Liang, Supervisor, Energy Management at the City of Brampton, Ontario.

Discussing the role energy has to play as part of the wider sustainability movement, we found out about the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels. “When you look at the energy and emissions pie chart of a building, especially in an Ontario, Canada context, much of it is from heating since we're burning fossil fuels for eight months a year,” says Liang. “That is a major consideration for us because it applies to both of our objectives: to reduce energy use while also reducing our emissions.”

Liang is responsible for the energy and emissions strategy of city owned buildings, and as such detailed some of the methods the city is employing, and the technologies facilitating them. “The benefit of energy modeling on the cloud is that it can quickly simulate interactive effects, thereby drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to produce options that not only provide optimal energy performance but can also illustrate paths for emissions and operating cost reductions. If we change lights to LED or we use more daylighting, what effect does that have on the heating?”

Above all, Liang emphasises the urgency needed to meet the city’s own targets, as well as those of the wider world: “We're in a race against time to hit the provincial and federal emission reduction target, which is based on the Paris Agreement, so we need to transition to zero carbon as soon as we can.”

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