May 21, 2020

SSR Mining: leveraging technology amidst transformation in the mining space

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(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

David Thomas, Director of IT at SSR Mining, discusses how technology has become an influential component to operations since first being embraced in 2013.

“The key benefit of how we operate is that we’re smaller. Leveraging infrastructure, such as cloud services that we don't have to invest large capital in, makes us nimbler,” he says. “This means that a few years later, if we want to change and do something that's slightly different because of new technology, we have the capabilities to do that.”

Thomas points to SSR Mining’s ability to combine a proactive and reactive approach that differentiates his company from its rivals. “We’re quite fortunate because we can be followers and leaders,” explains Thomas. “In 2013, we invested a little bit of money into the cloud despite our size and the fact we were operating just one mine at the time. Our move towards the cloud gave us the opportunity to move around our technology for various projects, such as predictive analytics or general artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) type projects.”

With a determination to not rest on its previous successes, Thomas affirms SSR Mining isn’t at the finish line yet and he still considers it a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), despite revenues of over $400mn in 2018. “In mining terms, our revenue is relatively small. I think once you get into the $2-4bn range of market capitalization, that’s when you can be considered a big company. In terms of market capitalization, we're currently around $2bn so we’re not quite there yet. I almost consider us like a shopping advert – we do more for less.”

You can read more about SSR Mining’s journey in the magazine.

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