May 21, 2020

Steward Health Care: managing supply chain strategies amidst a digital transformation

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(Norwich, UK, 07/08/2019)

Michael Prokopis, Vice President of Supply Chain at Steward Health Care, discusses the supply chain strategies his firm is leveraging amidst digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

As the largest private, tax paying, physician-led healthcare network in the US, Steward Health Care boasts an extensive portfolio of 38 hospitals in the US and Malta. Having experienced a significant transformation in its offering over the past few years, the hospital prioritises the importance of first-class care to its patients. With procurement becoming increasingly influential to the way Steward Health Care operates, the firm created a shared services model which evaluates how the facilities are acquired.

Having taken steps to embrace digitalisation over the past couple of years, Steward Health Care is currently operating two ERPs and is well underway in its digital transformation journey. “We're on a digital path,” affirms Prokopis. “We know we’ve got to get to one enterprise resource planning capability, and we're in the process of undergoing that transformation now. What’s critically important from there is how you take that information and begin to use it, in order to get better consumption information at the point of care and understand what your inventory positions are. We’re also creating a mission control capability that will allow us to predict our ability to deliver care in advance. It’s not enough that we schedule a patient for an operating room procedure two or three weeks out. We also then have to understand what the nature of supply is and we can get the supply at the point of care when we need it.”

You can read more about Steward Health Care’s journey in the magazine.

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