Accenture and Salesforce partner on sustainability solution

By Kate Birch
With company commitment to sustainability increasing, Accenture and Salesforce team up to provide the C-suite with true visibility on environmental data...

Two global business giants, professional services company Accenture and CRM leader Salesforce, have extended their partnership to help businesses worldwide embed sustainability into the core of their business ultimately helping them to create value and deliver on their values. 

The partnership sees the coming together of Accenture’s Sustainability Services, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud with Salesforce Customer 360 to deliver a digital solution that is set to offer global businesses true visibility into their company’s historical and real-time environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

360-view of environmental impact

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, built on Salesforce Customer 360, will offer a reliable and trusted platform that gives the C-suite a holistic view of their corporate environmental impact. Business leaders will be able to track, measure and ultimately manage a range of sustainability initiatives, including their carbon footprint, transparently reporting investor-grade climate data, meeting regulatory requirements and developing new business models.

Accenture will help integrate Salesforce Sustainability Cloud into their business strategies, operating models, technologies and core processes and systems with industry-specific requirements and develop sustainability insights that can scale across organisations and their ecosystems. 

According to Marc Benioff, chair and CEO of Salesforce, this solution will help organisations “more readily drive sustainability programmes that benefit all stakeholders and create business value”.

Sustainability is now a business imperative

Sustainability is now a business imperative and consumers increasingly expect business to play a leadership role in taking tangible action on the SDGs, which include gender equality, poverty, and climate change. 

“Every CEO is recognising their responsibilities don’t stop at the edge of the corporate campus or Zoom,” states Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce. “By integrating sustainability deep into the fabric of our companies, our businesses will become more successful, our communities more equal, our societies more just and our planet healthier.”

It’s not just customer demand driving such change, however, with stakeholder expectations on the sustainability front also increasing and regulatory requirements likely to come into force in the near future. 

As industries reimagine and rebuild from the pandemic, “they have the opportunity to embed sustainability by design to drive their customer agenda” and can both “create value and deliver on their values”, states Accenture’s CEO Julie Sweet.


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