NASCAR acknowledges dedication to driving racing diversity

A scheme by NASCAR awards contributors to its diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, which has been a key sustainability focus for the past decade

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a movement that can be recognised across all industries, from industrial to creative, and has also been recognised by the racing industry. Founded in 1948, NASCAR holds its place in the hearts of many Americans as part of US heritage and is now making conscious efforts to congratulate its contributors to DEI. As a result of significant change across its racing organisation, NASCAR announced the winners of its 2021 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Awards. 

The scheme recognises those that have supported DEI in the NASCAR racing world and partners, drivers, crew members and other industry leaders attended the 14th annual event, which resulted in the handover of 12 awards for those who have made the sport more inclusive. 

Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR, says, ‘The substantial progress our sport has made with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion is a result of the collective work of many leaders within the NASCAR community who are driving us forward together, [...] these awards celebrate those whose passion and commitment are strengthening a NASCAR culture that is welcoming and inclusive of everyone that shares a love of racing’. 

Overall sustainable racing 

The NASCAR organisation has taken all areas of sustainability into account over the past decade, including actions to offset its carbon contributions. Strategic partnerships with Sunoco—an American fuel company—and American Ethanol provoked NASCAR to set up a bio-fuels programme, resulting in the use of Sunoco Green E15, which is a 15% ethanol and bio-fuel blend that reduces each car’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

As a popular spectator sport, NASCAR is subject to tonnes of waste from its events. The organisation has made conscious efforts to reduce and manage its waste, by making aluminium, plastic and cardboard recycling an integral part of its operational function. 

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