10 Entertainment Services for Execs

By Jessica Oaks

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Work can and should be fun. If you’re in the business of doing business but also having a good time, check out this hot list of 10 entertainment services that are either free or affordable and geared towards the working professional.  

1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the quintessential business-networking site where the mentality of “it’s all about connections” truly thrives. By connecting with someone on LinkedIn, you gain access to view his or her work experience, business contacts and industry insights in a newsfeed format. It’s especially useful for communicating with those in your career field, as well as those you know through someone else while negating the awkward introduction because it upholds that strictly professional vibe.

2. Tinder 

Whether there’s a stigma or not, you’ll be surprised just how many single and interesting businessmen and women have joined Tinder. The dating app’s formula is essentially built to cater to business-minded types – people who work all the time, are social and usually open-minded, but don’t have time to meet others outside their job. Set desired age range and distance from potential matches and viewing other’s profiles and pictures swiping left for “not interested” and right if “interested.” Everyone needs a little love in their life, even the busiest worker bees around. 

3. Milk Music 

With productivity-prone Galaxy devices popping up more than ever in the work place, Samsung’s Milk Music is now available. The free radio streaming service is exclusive and free to Samsung Galaxy owners. Best part about this app is it can be hooked up to the office sound system, work laptop or ear buds during the morning commute–all, sans commercials so business can continue jamming on without any interruptions, smooth like milk.  

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4. Venmo 

Happy hours, dinners and lunches are plentiful with the colleagues. The Venmo app is the perfect way to manage money exchange at work-related outings. For instance, if a co-worker decides to put everyone’s drinks on his/her tab for sake of convenience, use Venmo to transfer what you owe instantly into the payer’s account. The service’s activity feed can include a funny comment per payment, which adds an extra element of entertainment. 

5. Twitter 

It’s crucial for business people to be on the pulse of current events. Twitter is the perfect social feed that educates users on up to-second news happening across the globe. Follow top media outlets or thought leaders in your arena to come off as well-informed, 24/7.  

6. Amazon Prime

For a measly $99 a year, Amazon Prime is a very valuable membership. Whether you constantly send clients materials or order products for the company, Prime’s FREE Two-Day Shipping is clutch and saves a lot of money in the long term. On top of that, you get unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and book borrowing for Kindles – a great way to kill time while travelling for the next business trip or on the train to work.  

7. OpenTable

Be it client dinners or company gatherings, OpenTable is a dining reservation service useful for companies to book restaurant tables online via computer or smartphone. It’s all about capitalization in business, and with the application, you can do just that, earning reward points for each and every dining booked.

8. Lumosity

When you’re doing the same type of work over and over, it is important to challenge different parts of the brain in order to keep it sharp and well-rounded for better business practices. Developed by neuroscientists, Lumosity is an online tool and app that helps you exercise core cognitive abilities utilizing games and mind-stimulating activities. 

9. Uber 

If you’re constantly taking cabs for work, download the Uber app. Conveniently call car service near your location with a simple tap on the request button. The best part? There’s no need to bring cash or tip or even ask your driver for a receipt to include in the dreaded expense report because Uber automatically charges fare and gratuity to a linked credit/debit account and emails your receipt immediately after the ride ends. 

10. Google Hangouts 

Almost everyone who’s anyone in business uses Google Hangouts (aka G-Chat). It’s an easy way to message your coworkers without having to walk over to their physical desk or call them on the office phone. Additionally, video conferencing and calling directly from the application bodes well for production and collaboration. You spend the majority of your time working – make the most of it with these services. They’ll keep you entertained, on point and ready for the job.








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