5 Ways Cloud Computing is Changing How We Do Business

By Adam Groff

As the world of information and data continues to expand, the cloud is expanding right along with it. And, nowhere is the cloud's presence more appreciated than in the information-heavy, always growing corporate arena.

With storage solutions in mind, here are just a few examples of the role the cloud is playing in corporate America and beyond:

Updates Made Easy

Upgrading software is a daunting task, especially when those updates take place on a massive corporate level.

But, because cloud service providers handle all of the maintenance aspects of cloud computing, the corporate world doesn't have to worry about keeping track of system updates.

Cloud service providers take care of all the necessary system updates and upgrades, including all security updates. This allows corporations to concentrate on the job at hand without having to put the working day on hold while updates take place.

Lower Operating Costs

Cloud computing saves the corporate world money on two fronts: IT staffing and equipment costs.

Because cloud service providers take care of all the maintenance and system updates, it means large businesses can cut their IT budgets in half. Cloud computing services do cost money, but it's a fraction of the cost of onsite IT services.

Likewise, because the cloud's servers and other related equipment are housed offsite, the corporate world can save money by avoiding expensive equipment upgrades and upkeep.

The cost benefits are just another one of the many reasons why more corporate giants are following the cloud in order to make their working worlds better.

Scalability on a Corporate Level

Massive, fluctuating amounts of data just comes with the corporate territory, which is another reason why the cloud is so beneficial for major businesses. The cloud is infinitely scalable, which is essential for the changing data storage needs of the corporate environment.

Before the cloud, businesses had to waste time and money upgrading servers and expanding their storage needs.

But, with cloud computing, increasing and decreasing storage needs is as easy as contacting the cloud service provider. And, the best part is, the change in data storage is oftentimes instantaneous.  

Unparalleled Mobility

Because the cloud is an everywhere computing platform, it gives the corporate world unparalleled mobility.

Whether employees want to work from home or share files and documents with colleagues across the world, the cloud makes it possible.

With the cloud, employees can access and share business-related data from anywhere.

And, thanks to the cloud's all-encompassing storage capabilities, files, data, and documents are kept in a central storage location, which keeps corporations on the same page all the time.

Storage Security

Although storing a massive amount of sensitive data offsite may sound like a security risk, the cloud is one of the most secure forms of data storage available.

Because information is stored in the cloud and not the device itself, business data is always secure and accessible, even in the event of theft.

Additionally, even though the cloud is easily accessible, cloud service providers take extra measures to protect stored data by only granting access to users with encrypted passwords.

Likewise, service providers also use the most up-to-date security monitoring software to ensure security breaches don't happen.

When it comes to data storage on the corporate level, the cloud really does play a giant role. As a corporate manager, have you integrated the cloud into your company’s plans?

Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including data storage and technology.


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