May 19, 2020

Amazon tightens ecommerce grip on last mile delivery with The Hub

The Hub
Jonathan Dyble
2 min
Amazon tightens ecommerce grip on last mile delivery with The Hub

Amazon is already considered one of the most efficient ecommerce corporations when it comes to the last mile delivery, but its announcement of The Hub, it hopes, will only serve to consolidate this company image.

The Hub itself is not yet up and running, but upon release will cater to a variety of communal spaces including apartment complexes, commercial offices, and other multi-tenancy locations.

The Hub will act as an extension of Amazon Locker, with these existing exclusively in Co-operative Food and 7-Eleven stores.

It will not be exclusive to Amazon deliveries with unique codes to lock or unlock the compartments, granting access to a multitude of retailers. Furthermore, the units will be modular, meaning that they can be varied to suit the user and building.


With Centiro acting as a logistics and supply chain specialist, the company’s Vice President of Sales and Operations, Rick Meyer, understands that this move has been expected as American retailers compete to provide optimal services in last mile delivery and both cut and avoid inner city congestion.

He said: “Amazon’s introduction of The Hub is a great example of American retailers taking control of the last mile with deliveries. These apartment building-based Hubs will certainly help to alleviate common customer bug-bears such as inconvenient delivery windows, and ultimately win favour with both current and prospective customers.

“As a wider issue, hubs will also help the likes of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in their current battles against inner city congestion, as they can play a part in curbing the current emerging trend for people having personal deliveries sent to their offices.”

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Jul 18, 2021’s new chatbot streamlines resources and policies

2 min can streamline resources and policies related to name, image and likeness through its chatbot to provide a seamless experience for student-athletes, a creator of AI chatbots for higher education, is offering a chatbot that helps institutions streamline name, image, and likeness policies for athletic programmes. 

This solution will allow athletic departments to dramatically reduce inbound inquiries while answering inquiries related to compliance, financial aid impact, how-to documents, and best practice training videos.

It will allow institutions to condense information in a way that is easily accessible and eliminates the need for student-athletes to read complicated manuals. Institutions can also engage with student-athletes via a real-time feedback loop to see which topics truly matter and what needs further clarification. This allows administrators to be proactive and provide a competitive edge in recruiting. 


Helping institutions connect their students with information


“Athletic departments at colleges and universities are overwhelmed by the challenges posed by the name, image and likeness legislation,” said Mary Frances Coryell, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnership. 

“ is uniquely positioned in the market to help institutions connect their student-athletes with policies and information related to NIL such as state laws, restrictions and relevant contacts. Our chatbot can digest all relevant policy information and provide answers to student-athletes at any time on any device. We expect the NIL market to move quickly, so student-athletes deserve the answers on their terms, rather than exclusively during work hours.”

Primary use cases for the chatbot include:

  • Answering commonly asked questions related to name, image and likeness
  • Communicate policies such as state laws, restrictions and compliance regulations
  • Provide contact information for various advisors and agencies
  • Connect training materials for athletes to improve their branding
  • Engage in two-way reactive and proactive communication to keep policies student-centric


Back in March 2020, the company offered schools a free COVID-19 Response System, including a customisable COVID-19 Response Bot, a human-to-human live chat system and an SMS Text platform. These services are offered completely free of charge. 

"The customisable COVID-19 Response Bot will help schools connect their students with important information, such as the school's operational status, where to go for treatment, and what to do to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We already added that information to all of our clients' AI chatbots, and we found that in many cases students needed additional support. That's why we're including our human-to-human Live Chat system in this offer. The SMS Text platform can be used to drive awareness to this communications channel for your students." said Mark McNasby, CEO of

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