Android apps are a tech advantage for your company

By Dave Thomas

Android Apps Are a Tech Advantage for Your Company

Running a company today involves myriad of responsibilities.

Along with providing stellar customer service and managing your employees, you need to be up to speed on the latest advancements in technology that will have an impact on your business.

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For some business owners, they stay cognizant of their technological needs. Others, however, fail to keep up with their technology requirements, sometimes leading to them falling behind their competitors.

So, is your company where it needs to be when it comes to technology, notably apps?

Mobility Matters in 2015

In taking stock of your technological needs, your first line of duty is having the pulse of consumers and what they are using and/or requesting of businesses.

According to a report from, today’s consumers have little or no patience when it comes to apps that ultimately compromise their user experience. That makes sense; would you deal with products or services that take forever to work, be it through delays or regular breakdowns?

With that in mind, finding the right Android development company is paramount for your company’s app experience.

Among the things to look for and how to do this, you should:

Do diligent research – First thing you need to do as a business owner is research the various Android app developers out there, finding the one that best suits your company’s needs. You want an app that provides consumers with an engaging user experience, simply put, an experience which is second to none. Look at the different app providers you are considering and their company website, approach to customer service (see more below), social media outreach (this is a good means to see how they interact with the public, demonstrating whether or not they provide solutions to questions and problems in a timely manner;

Customer service – Your chosen Android app developer must provide solid customer service so that you in turn can offer that to your customers. Is your app developer available 24/7? Do they look to solve an issue instead of creating more of them? Lastly, what types of guarantees do they provide their clients in the form of warranties and more? Make sure you read the “fine print” before tasking a developer with being your company’s Android app provider, including the costs involved to get the app up and running.

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Examples matter – Make sure the Android app developer you’re considering can provide examples of apps they have developed for other customers. This way you can gauge their skill-level, time it took to develop the app, and if the customer was ultimately satisfied;

Adding on – Finally, will the Android app have room for add-ons and/or changes? There may well come a time when you want to place some additions on the app, additions that your customers are seeking to make their user experiences better. You don’t want these add-ons to come at a significant price increase or hassle when all is said and done.

When you have the right Android app developer working with your company, you stand to benefit both financially and in terms of good public relations with many of your customers.

As a business owner, what has been your experience with Android apps?

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