Apigee Launches the Industry's First API Exchange Platform

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Apigee, the API company, today launched the Apigee API Exchange, the first API exchange platform designed to power app ecosystems in any industry. The API Exchange delivers seamless API interoperability, enabling businesses within an industry to collaborate and extend the reach of their apps to the broadest possible market.  It breaks down the barriers to data accessibility in industries affected by fragmentation and facilitates industry-wide consumption of data and services.

"APIs are the 'nervous system' of our new digital world," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Being able to share services and data through interoperable APIs is crucial to establishing modern, digital ecosystems in any industry. This is especially true in industries where competition or regulation has created fragmentation, such as in telecommunications, healthcare or travel. The API Exchange will let consumers use apps and APIs seamlessly across disparate businesses within an industry, similar to roaming on mobile phones."

The Apigee API Exchange is initially available for the telecommunications industry. It represents a new model for API interoperability that creates expanded reach for operators and developers and new, telco-enhanced mobile app experiences for consumers.

Developing Apps in Fragmented Industries

Today, consumers increasingly rely on a variety of API-enabled services delivered through their mobile apps –everything from checking email to texting a friend to accessing health records. To provide broad access to the services and data in specific industries, app developers must engage in a costly and time-consuming process of working with multiple API providers. For example, in the telecommunications industry, app developers often work with many different operators' APIs to deliver apps that can be accessed by consumers worldwide.  This fragmentation has slowed innovation and limited the number of apps leveraging rich APIs in telecommunications as well as many other industries.

In an API Exchange-powered ecosystem, application developers can build apps with APIs that can be consumed by a broad range of users across different businesses in fragmented industries. It's a uniquely flexible solution that lets businesses share data and services through industry-standard APIs or their own customized APIs.

The Apigee API Exchange: Powering Telco App Ecosystems

The Apigee API Exchange provides the interoperability to seamlessly integrate operator services into mobile apps. Through the API Exchange, operators expose network APIs such as payment, identity and messaging, which are federated to provide the cross-operator reach. Developers of apps and Web services can easily integrate these APIs to enrich the functionality and improve the user experience of their apps.  The API Exchange includes state-of-the-art APIs for onboarding app and API providers, validation and federation of app usage, metadata management, logging and rating of app usage and cross-provider billing for financial settlement between providers.

Through the API Exchange, operators can enable a massive ecosystem of app innovation and build new distribution channels; developers can work directly with operators and expand their reach to a massive global pool of subscribers; and consumers benefit from apps with higher performance, better security and easier billing from operator services.

"Openness and interoperability are at the core of our approach to innovation, which is why we’re actively collaborating with Apigee to develop APIs that empower developers to easily integrate AT&T network services and intelligence into their apps more quickly than ever before,” said Abhi Ingle, vice president of Ecosystem and Innovation at AT&T.  "The Apigee API Exchange now delivers important API interoperability that we believe will extend network innovation and reach for operators worldwide." 

Last month, Apigee partner the GSMA launched the GSMA OneAPI Exchange, a solution for the telecommunications industry built on the Apigee API Exchange. Leading mobile operators including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone are already participating in the OneAPI Exchange powered by Apigee.

“The API Exchange platform will enable a new generation of rich mobile apps that are enhanced by operator network APIs such as identity, location and messaging," said Michael O'Hara, chief marketing officer, GSMA.  "The GSMA is pleased to be working with Apigee, a leading API technology provider for the mobile communications industry, to deliver these exciting capabilities.”

The API Exchange builds on Apigee's momentum in the telecommunications industry, where companies including AT&T, KT, Telefonica and Vodafone have adopted the Apigee API platform.

“With the introduction of the API Exchange, Apigee is further extending its API leadership with a solution that enables businesses to seamlessly share data and services through apps,” said Kapoor.  “The API Exchange is positioned to dramatically simplify and accelerate the development and use of API-powered apps in a global marketplace.”


The Apigee API Exchange is available today for telecommunications service providers. For more information, please go to the Apigee website at http://apigee.com/about/product/apiexchange or email [email protected].


About Apigee

Apigee is the leading provider of API technology and services for enterprises and developers. Hundreds of companies including Walgreens, Bechtel, eBay, Pearson, and Gilt Groupe as well as tens of thousands of developers use Apigee to simplify the delivery, management and analysis of APIs and apps. Apigee's global headquarters are in Palo Alto, California, and it has offices in Bangalore, India; London, Austin and Detroit. To learn more, go to www.apigee.com.


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