May 19, 2020

Apple May be Building Wearable, Glass iPods with Siri

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Apple May be Building Wearable, Glass iPods with Siri


Apple has already made its mark on the ways that we find information, how we communicate with others and where and how we listen to music, all while creating a generation of genuine tech fanatics that’s more informed than ever. Now, the tech giant is looking into influencing what we wear.

The New York Times reports that Apple and Google are both moving towards wearable computing, or technology that moves beyond the basics of a digital watch with a built-in calculator and presents new and innovative ways to combine smartphone smarts and media with convenient wearability.

According to the Times’ source, Apple has been experimenting with conceptual products that work in conjunction with the iPhone. Employees have created prototypes of wearable devices, including a “curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist.”

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This new iPod design will likely make good use of Apple’s revolutionary Siri software. Siri has proven to be a big hit in the smartphone realm, and it makes sense that Apple will want (and be able) to find ways to incorporate its artificial intelligence technology with wearability for all-new levels of voice command power.

Google has also been working in its secret Google X labs on wearable devices that can communicate information to Android smartphones. People close to the project have said that Google’s hired engineers from Nokia Labs, Apple and engineering universities who can provide insight on the intricacies of wearable computers.

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