Are you driven by mobile apps?

By Adam Groff

The next time you're walking down the street or waiting in line at the coffee shop, take a look around. Chances are more than a few people are on their smartphones and there's a good chance they're using a mobile app.

With wireless popularity in mind, here are five top trends fueling mobile apps:

1. Mobile Payments on the Move

Mobile devices are quickly taking the place of cash and credit.

As a result, mobile payment apps are growing in popularity. Whether you use Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or you simply make online purchases using your smartphone, more and more apps are offering payment-friendly features.

In addition, gift cards are going the way of the hand written check as many businesses are offering mobile gift cards.

Even if you receive a gift card, you can enter the bar code into the company's mobile app and use your phone to cash in on the card as well as track the balance.

As the payment trend continues to expand, payments apps will soon be able to process just about any type of transaction.

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2. Smart Home Apps

As the following article looks at, the market for smart home add-ons is exploding, which is why smart home apps are one of 5 trends driving mobile app development today.

From smart thermostats to smart water heaters to smart sprinkler systems, just about every app developer has their sights set on smart home features.

As the smart home market continues to expand, developers are creating more intuitive, streamlined apps that can control a number of smart home features. Apple's HomeKit is an early example of where the smart home apps are headed.

3. Tucked Away Menus

Upfront, stationary menus on each page of a standard website are helpful.

However, when it comes to smartphone-sized screens, these stationary menus only get in the way. That's why hidden drop-down menus are a major trend in app development.

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Sure, smartphone screens are getting larger, but developers are using that extra space to play as opposed to using it for app navigation purposes.

As the popularity of mobile apps continues to grow, expect to see tucked away menus that are just as easy to access as their bulky counterparts.


4. App Analytics

Whether you own an app-friendly business or not, app analytics is helping improve the mobile experience for both businesses and customers.

Instead of simply bringing an app to the market, app developers are testing new apps and implementing data collection software before the app is released.

This helps businesses track app usage and, more importantly, gives businesses insight into what customers are getting out of their apps.

Again, this is a win-win for both parties involved and is improving the mobile app landscape exponentially.

5. Health Monitoring Apps

Wearables are taking off like never before and the leader of the pack is health and nutrition monitoring wearables.

From smart watches to wristbands and shirts that track heart rate and distance, app developers are working hard to keep up with the demand for health-focused apps.

Today's health and nutrition apps work in tandem with wearables to generate and track the user's health information in real-time. This includes tracking carbon dioxide levels after a workout, caloric intake after a meal, and sleep patterns. With all eyes on health, wellness apps are sure to keep trending.

If you aren't driven by mobile apps yet, the trends above will change your smartphone world soon enough.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including app development and mobile technology

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