May 19, 2020

Arizona to benefit from innovative E.ON technology

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E.ON energy
Sumit Modi
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Arizona to benefit from innovative E.ON technology

E.ON is combining battery and solar technologies to create a 10 megawatt battery for Tucson Electric Power, Arizona.

The company is drawing on its knowledge of battery and solar technologies to allow the creation of this large-scale customer solution. E.ON will install and operate the battery to equalize the feed-in of renewable energy to the transmission network operated by Tucson.

The battery will be charged by an associated solar power park – which will be built, owned, and operated by E.ON – with a two megawatt capacity.

This partnership will last for a decade and will begin next year. Until that point E.ON is working on perfecting the battery – name the ‘Iron Horse’.

The Iron Horse is based on lithium titanate technology, which will allow it to handle rapid charging and discharging. It has an advantage over conventional coal or gas alternatives, being able to react quickly to fluctuations in the network – something that will prove necessary in a state as windy as Arizona. 


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