Ataccama offers AI data solutions to governments for free

By William Girling
Software company Ataccama has announced in a press release that it is offering its AI-driven data solutions free of charge to government bodies. Recogn...

Software company Ataccama has announced in a press release that it is offering its AI-driven data solutions free of charge to government bodies.

Recognising the global logistical complexity of managing restrictive measures relating to the containment of COVID-19, the company recognised the value and significance that automation capabilities could bring to achieving a resolution. 

Championing a data-driven approach, Michal Klaus, CEO, inferred that Ataccama’s enterprise-proven data management tools could give pivotal leverage to authorities, “We cannot tackle the COVID-19 pandemic without reliable data.”

Streamlining the response

Measuring and predicting the virus’ impact hinges on collecting and utilising large streams of data as quickly and accurately as possible. However, Ataccama states that current procedures are inefficient due to a combination of legacy processes, reliance on manual input and less-than-optimal turnaround times.

This becomes problematic when considering that tests, for instance, are measured whilst the number of people tested is not. Ataccama projects that current operational issues could result in a 10% to 50% discrepancy, thus not allowing decision-makers to make informed choices.

As a tech alternative, Ataccama puts forward its own ONE platform - a self-driving data management system combining collaborative data stewardship, AI and machine learning, data processing capabilities, deployment options and more. 


The AI features of ONE have been configured to enable greater automation by simplifying and automating configuration processes, whilst its data processing engine can integrate data sources in real-time with state-of-the-art algorithms.

“A successful data catalogue is built around two main areas: automation and collaboration. Automation ensures that technical metadata is enriched with business metadata so users have more information about an asset,” said Ataccama in an article on AI.

Empowering authorities

As indicated by Klaus’ article ‘We need accurate COVID-19 testing data for a faster, safer reopening of the economy’ and corroborated by Health Canada, Canada is currently one of the only countries to measure ‘people tested’ instead of merely ‘tests administered’. 

Achieving a more accurate viewpoint on COVID-19 will start with collecting high-quality, granular data, which, if properly utilised, could enable a faster return to some kind of normalcy. It is with this goal in mind that Ataccama is offering its services for free.

“With advanced data management and governance, authorities can model the pandemic development based on real, high-quality data, make the right decisions, and balance restrictions needed to save lives while reopening the economy as fast as possible,” concluded Klaus.

“We’re proud to offer our software, experienced services team, and technical know-how to governments and institutions tackling this challenge around the globe.” 

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