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By Bizclik Editor


Now that you’ve finally figured out all of the capabilities of your genius tablet, it’s time to accessorize. We’re not talking about bedazzling or finding that standard – and let’s just call them, boring – cover or case to protect your beautiful iPad. We’re talking about innovative ways to use and show off Apple’s latest product offering. 

Whatever you’re doing, step away from that funny-looking kiosk in the middle of the aisles at your local mall. Those sales people are probably peddling accessories that have little to no detail to the actual manufacturing of the device. The following products just look better and make your user experience just oh-so better. After all, Apple takes much care in the lifestyle branding of its products. Why would you just slap on some silly looking case?

Here are our picks for some of the coolest iPad accessories on the market that make you look cooler than you already look toting that glorious piece of machinery underneath your arm.

The DODOCase has been on the market for some time now, but still is one of the more interesting cases out there. The case took inspiration from Moleskin journals to craft a stylish case that disguises the iPad to look like a book. The cover is made from faux leather and folds back to double as a handy stand. The interior of the case is crafted from Bamboo wood to make for a strong encasement for the device. (from $59.95)

The Quirky Cradle iPad lap desk is popular among home owners and business people who enjoy simplicity and uniqueness with their tech accessories, along with those who like to lounge while they’re using their device. The Quirky Cradle is a minimalist bend design constructed of bamboo plywood and features a circular plate made from matte, soft plastic that allows you to rotate the iPad as you wish to view portrait and landscape views. Your legs are also cushioned when you play with your iPad in your lap with the Cradle, making for added comfort and detail. ($52.50)

The Danish are known for their modern furnishings, pastries and influential history and now there’s a new invention on the block. Libratone is a Danish audio company that has attracted many Americans to its innovative wireless sound system, Libratone Beat, which can be connected to your iPad and stream audio up to 30 feet away from your tablet. Music and sound are reflected off the room’s walls to provide 360-degree sound – a must for any music and gadget aficionado. The Libratone Beat is finished and covered in cashmere so don’t be surprised when you find yourself rubbing up against the silky sound system. The device isn’t available in the U.S. so make sure to check the website to find ways to get your hands on them. (from £549)

While it may be summer outside now, it’s always helpful to start thinking ahead to protect your nimble, touchscreen-loving fingers during the dead of winter. For all of you living on the right coast, I’d invest in a couple pairs of gloves that free up your fingers so that you can text and navigate through your iPad with the greatest of ease – even in the middle of a snow storm.

The North Face’s ETIP Glove is a super stylish way to keep your fingers warm and features something called “Xstatic fingercaps” so no part of your finger ever gets exposed to the cold weather. Pure silver is bonded to the fiber of the glove allowing for accurate touchscreen capabilities and the glove also has a waterproof shell, keeping true to North Face’s cold products. A grip on the palm of your hand makes sure that you’ll never drop your poor iPad in the rain or snow. ($40)

AGloves Touch Screen Gloves are another option for cold weather touchscreen-friendly gloves. Rave reviews can be found all over the web and its silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the glove’s fabric make for a comfortable way to use your iPad under extreme weather. ($17.99)

We tried looking for the best keyboard dock and couldn’t shy away from the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock. Not only does the keyboard adopt the sleek stylings typical of Apple products, but it also charges your device while in use and lets you connect to an electrical outlet for your long iPad sessions. ($69) 


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