May 19, 2020

BlackBerry 10 to Debut Without Keyboard

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BlackBerry 10 to Debut Without Keyboard


RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones are taking a break from the usual RIM layout and are launching without a physical keyboard, opting for touchscreen instead. With no ETA from RIM on when BlackBerry 10 smartphones will have a physical keyboard, developers better be prepared to offer apps for touchscreen technology.                                              

The BlackBerry 10 is expected to debut in late 2012 with a heavy emphasis on multimedia, Internet browsing and apps offering consumers rival competition to current industry leaders.

As previous touchscreens offered by RIM have not been deemed successful, it’s interesting that the classic Canadian icon would abandon its traditional phone layout. In an understandable effort to compete with industry leaders, such as the  iPhone and Android, BlackBerry 10 will need to pack the punch with its offerings and services to the current demanding consumer base. As BlackBerry’s popularity has been slowly on the decline, it will be interesting to see whether BlackBerry 10 will fulfill RIM’s hopes in technology success.



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RIM is currently in Toronto today to debut the upcoming platform to developers as a part of its BlackBerry 10 Jam. Offering app developers insight into the BlackBerry 10’s app creation, tech fundamentals, HTML5 development and more, RIM has high hopes on selling the new platform to some of Canada’s best developers.


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