May 19, 2020

Blackberry, Microsoft partner up to launch Microsoft cloud security solutions

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Blackberry, Microsoft partner up to launch Microsoft cloud security solutions

Ontario-based Blackberry has announced the launch of a new enterprise mobility and security solution named Blackberry Enterprise BRIDGE in collaboration with Microsoft.

The solution aims to provide a secure way of the companies’ joint customers that include some of the world’s largest influencers within the financial, healthcare, law and government spheres to use Microsoft mobile apps within Blackberry Dynamics, effectively bridging the two platforms.

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“Along with a number of our peers in the Financial Services industry, we see strategic partnerships like this one as key to enhancing and bringing new products to market,” said George Sherman, Managing Director, CIO Global Technology Infrastructure, JPMorgan Chase.

“This partnership will help create a more seamless mobile experience for end-users, which is a top priority for us at JPMorgan Chase.”

This will enhance the security of commonly used Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, such as having the ability to more readily dictate who has access to certain documents, under what circumstances, and for what time period.

“BlackBerry has always led the market with new and innovative ways to protect corporate data on mobile devices,” said Carl Wiese, President of Global Sales at BlackBerry.

“We saw a need for a hyper-secure way for our joint customers to use native Office 365 mobile apps. BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE addresses this need and is a great example of how BlackBerry and Microsoft continue to securely enable workforces to be highly productive in today’s connected world.”

Further, the Blackberry Secure platform has been integrated with Microsoft’s own Azure cloud platform, with applications such as Blackberry UEM Cloud, Blackberry Workspaces and Blackberry Dynamics all now being available on Azure.

“Our customers choose Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration tools that deliver continuous innovation, and do so securely,” said Judson Althoff, Executive Vice president of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft.

“Together with BlackBerry, we will take this to the next level and provide enterprises with a new standard for secure productivity.”

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