BlackBerry ushers in the Digital Workplace

By Knackles

BlackBerry has unveiled a new software solution designed to give users revolutionary access to corporate tools: BlackBerry Digital Workplace.

Recognising that conventional VPN (virtual private network) or VDI (virtual desktop) solutions can lack the protective integrity required from a solution holding sensitive corporate data, BlackBerry’s new solution mitigates the need for either.

Enabled by the cloud and featuring inbuilt security details powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the company states that Digital Workplace will allow simple and secure offline/online access to corporate information, both on and off-premises. 

BlackBerry’s Digital Workplace solution makes use of Awingu software, which allows for a browser-based interface that provides simplified and secure access to Windows and Linux apps, desktops, intranets, etc. 

The impetus for its creation, according to the press release, is the evolution of workplace dynamics and paradigms. With a company likely to have full-time, part-time, contracted, seasonal, and remote workers at any one time, a comprehensive digital workplace is becoming a necessity.


“Unlike traditional workspace products that inhibit productivity in the name of security, BlackBerry Digital Workplace is easy to use and cost-effective, while simultaneously protecting users both online and offline,” said Billy Ho, Exec VP of Enterprise Products at BlackBerry. 

“Built for virtual workers in the digital age, this solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence alongside BlackBerry’s advanced networking and security features to give users an unparalleled level of productivity, security and flexibility.”

Partnering on digital transformation

An early adopter of Digital Workplace is ConvergeOne, a leading IT services provider for large and medium enterprises. Speaking about the solution and its applicability, Collin Buechler, Information Security & Compliance Officer, emphasised its importance.

“Our partnerships with BlackBerry and Awingu are critical to the success of ConvergeOne's digital transformation and cybersecurity initiatives.”

“The two solutions provide not only the security required for all of our clients, but also access to business-critical applications and functions for our team members no matter their device or location. This gives us a level of control and productivity that hasn’t yet been possible until now.”

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