May 19, 2020

Bombardier signs deal with IBM to boost IT business transformation

Digital Transformation
anna smith
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Bombardier signs deal with IBM to boost IT business transformation

Leading planes and trains manufacturer Bombardier announced that it reached a long-term partnership agreement with top IT consulting firm IBM. According to this deal, IBM will support the global integration of Information Technology services across Bombardier Transportation, and the company’s aerospace segments.

“As part of our turnaround plan, Bombardier is working to improve productivity, reduce costs and grow earnings. The IT transformation initiative announced today will help us better integrate globally to create a best-in-class IT organization,” said Sean Terriah, Chief Information Officer, Aerospace and Corporate Office, Bombardier. “We will transform our service delivery model to focus on our core competencies, and leverage the best practices of our strategic partner across our infrastructure and operations.”

Bombardier is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is the world’s leading producer of both planes and trains. At the end of 2016, Bombardier posted revenues of $16.3 billion.

IBM, on the other hand, is an American-based company. The multinational markets and manufactures computer hardware, middleware, software and other hosting and consulting services.

The new six-year deal,  valued at approximately $700 million, spans 47 countries and is expected to generate recurring savings, providing a solid foundation to drive efficiency within Bombardier’s global IT organization.

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