Canada's Envisioning Labs and Hydrostor Inc among Disrupt Mining 2019 semifinalists

By nat blo

Disrupt Mining, an annual competition which challenges companies to propose new innovations aimed at solving the most pressing problems in the industry, announced this week six semifinalists of the 2019 event, the Northern Ontario Business Review reports. The winning company will receive up to US$750,000 for a proof of concept idea selected by a panel of industry experts.

Among the six semifinalists are two Canadian companies: Envisioning Labs and Hydrostor Inc.

Envisioning Labs: headquartered in Vancouver, Envisioning Labs was founded in 2013 and functions as an innovation consulting firm with expertise in multiple disciplines. The company’s entry into the Disrupt Mining competition in 2019 is a project to reuse mine tailings (the uneconomic materials remaining after the extraction of valuable ores) to manufacture which generate clean energy and sorbents – materials that can absorb liquids or gases – to reduce pollution.

Hydrostor Inc: playing the role of home team at the competition, Hydrostor is a Toronto-based company specializing in advanced compressed air energy storage. The company’s technology converts “unused mining infrastructure into energy storage systems that help mines manage their energy use and reduce their environmental footprint. The system can serve both the electricity grid and mining operations alike, reducing operational costs and providing legacy mines with new revenue opportunities,” according to Northern Ontario Business.


Also included in the penultimate round are:

Commercial Pau: a biometrics and security company with a new Digital Remote Lockout screen designed to improve on-site security and increase efficiency.

ETF Mining: a Slovenian firm creating fully electric, digital and autonomous modular mining vehicles, ETF hopes to increase on-site efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Gekko Systems: a modular equipment manufacturer from Australia focused on gold mining, Gekko has created an online gold analysis software solution to accurately determine gold content in mineral processing slurries in real time.

Rubber Jet Valley: an Italian manufacturing firm with a proprietary high-pressure water jet designed to break down decommissioned rubber tires from mining vehicles. The spent rubber can then be recycled into new tires or into other rubber products.

The final event will be held on March 3rd at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto.


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