The Canadian app business is booming

By Tristan Anwyn

Canadian companies have been benefiting from the potential of apps recently. As well as boosting the Canadian economy by creating jobs and increasing profits for companies that specialize in apps, apps can also boost businesses of all kinds by helping them to connect with their customers and increase their sales. 

So how is the app business doing in Canada and what are some of the ways in which Canada is benefiting from it?

Canadian App Business Is Booming

It looks like the app business in Canada is booming. As consumers become more mobile, apps are growing in popularity and becoming more commonplace among smartphone users.

Derek Colfer, head of mobile strategy for Visa Canada, states that Canada has more contactless-enabled cards currently in the market than almost anywhere else, making Canada a hot spot for the growing app industry and a great place for businesses to embrace apps as part of their marketing and growth strategies.

Research from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) suggests that there are more than 13 million app users in Canada, who are expected to spend $1.12 billion on apps this year. Clearly the app business in Canada is strong and looks to get stronger.

Apps Offer Opportunity to Connect with Customers

Apps provide Canadian businesses with an unbeatable opportunity to connect with their customers.

The millions of people who are currently using apps are potential customers for companies who are ready to embrace the potential of using apps for marketing and sales.

Apps are a way to offer engaging content, special offers or promotions, and useful information, all with just one tap of a smartphone screen. The right app puts a company in their customer's pocket, providing an instant way to engage. The trick for Canadian businesses is turning that engagement into profit.

As pointed out in the article "4 Ways To Make Money With Apps", there are a few strategies businesses can employ to make money with apps. Paid upgrades or in-app purchases can boost profits, along with allowing advertisers to run adverts within an app.

Of course, a good app will also increase profits by increasing customer engagement, making apps a good investment all round.

App Companies Provide Employment

It's not only business who use apps that are currently benefiting from the growth of apps - companies that make apps are contributing to the Canadian economy by way of providing jobs and generating revenue.

The ITCT's research suggests that the app business could provide Canadians with around 110,000 jobs within the next five years, with over 64,000 jobs being created since smartphones started growing in popularity.

From designers and developers to technical experts, marketing managers and CEOs, the app industry provides a range of jobs.

That's good news for app companies, and good news for skilled professionals who are looking to be part of a dynamic and profitable industry.

As more businesses use apps to build relationships with their customers, the app creation and distribution business is growing too, benefiting the Canadian economy in more ways than one.

Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, SEO, mobile apps and Canadian businesses.


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