Canadian businesses look to optimize communications

By Adam Groff

Communication plays a key role in the success of any business, which is why more and more businesses across Canada are improving their communications technology.

From office communications to customer outreach, staying connected to the outside world is what helps businesses thrive.

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Here are just a few ways Canadian businesses are optimizing their communications:

The cloud

Canadian businesses both large and small are turning to cloud computing for all of their communications needs.

In fact, according to the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada, cloud computing is already a $4.6 billion a year industry.

Likewise, more than half of Canadian enterprises and 70 percent of IT companies across Canada use the cloud on a daily basis. Why? Well, the cloud makes it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

With the anywhere accessibility of the cloud, employees can communicate with one another in real-time while also have access to all of the features of their in-office network.

This not only improves business communications, it also gives businesses an opportunity to connect to clients whether they're in the office or not.

Online management tools

Businesses that have trouble communicating within the office ultimately have trouble communicating outside the office as well. That's why Canadian businesses are turning to online management tools like CRM software and systems management software to optimize their communications practices.

The article "5 Ways to Optimize Your Business Communications" mentions how important user-friendly communications are in today's business world.

Online management tools are making it easy for businesses to delineate tasks, manage projects, connect with clients, and assign time-sensitive workloads while keeping all employees on the same page.

Social media

Email and e-newsletters are no longer an effective way to reach out to customers. Businesses have to be more present than ever before, especially when it comes to their online activities. That's where social media comes into play.

With the massive following that social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have, businesses in Canada are beginning to set their sights on all-things social.

Whether it's for promotional purposes, business-to-business outreach, or customer support, social media it changing the entire business communications landscape for the better.

Internal document sharing

Collaboration is a large part of communications and document sharing technology is helping businesses better collaborate internally.

Software such as Google Docs allows businesses to share documents throughout the office instantly. With software like this, document changes and edits can be made in real-time for all the office to see, which make the document-sharing process that much more efficient.

Communications archiving

Archiving emails and other forms of communication is a time consuming process, but it's also a necessity. In order to optimize the archiving process, Canadian businesses are taking advantage of archiving applications.

These archiving apps automatically archive emails, texts, and even phone calls both internally and externally.

Whether an employee needs to track down a customer service call or an important email from a few months back, archiving apps make it possible to search for archived communications based on keywords and topics.

In the pursuit for improved communications, more and more Canadian businesses are taking advantage of the communication technology above.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including business communications and customer outreach.

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