May 19, 2020

Canadian's Rank Highest for Viewing Online Video Content

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Canadian's Rank Highest for Viewing Online Video Content


In a report conducted by audience measurement service provider comScore, it has been found that Canada ranks highest in viewing online videos. Measuring worldwide online video viewing by the comScore Video Metrix service, the report found that 1.2 billion people worldwide who are 15 years old and older watched 201.4 billion videos in October 2011. Additionally, it was found that YouTube, Google’s video powerhouse, is what most Internet users utilize to get their online video content with 88.3 billion videos viewed in October.

By country comparison, is that Canada came in as No. 1 in the world, the leader in consuming online video content. In October 2011, Canadians viewed an average of 303.7 videos per person, watching the most videos by far. Canadians even beat out the U.S., the king of Internet usage, which came in at an average of 286.3 videos per user.

When you really look at these figures, it’s almost surprising Canada is leading the video viewing audience when you think about how the country’s ISPs have implemented bandwidth caps. This means that Canada is seriously the real leader and potentially would have viewed even more videos if it wasn’t hindered by the limitation service providers put on its customers.



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Business-wise, it’s clear advertisers and news producers should take note as Canadians will be even more likely to pay attention if your video content is available online, and even more specifically, on YouTube. This information means that, right now, brands have a real potential of making themselves known through the power of the viral videos.  Either way, it seems Canadians love their online content whether watching  cat videos or online journalism, Canadians just can’t get enough.

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