CES Innovation Awards: Sustainability and Eco-Design

By hotmaillogin

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event, first held in 1967, that showcases next-generation developments in the field of consumer electronic products. Manufacturers, developers and suppliers from over 4,500 different companies attended the 2019 event, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more than 180,000 attendees.

Each year, the CES Innovation awards honor companies and products that have demonstrated outstanding feats of design and engineering. Event categories range from 3D Printing to Wearable Technologies to Cybersecurity to FItness, Sports and Biotech. Business Chief takes a look at five of the eight honorees in the Sustainability and Eco-Design category.


LARQ Bottle

Using proprietary Ultraviolet LED technology, the LARQ bottle provides instant water purification in a self-cleaning unit. By providing clean, odorless water to users on the go, LARQ is aiming to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles - of which only 7% are recycled into new bottles - in landfills around the world.


Designed and built by BeeLife, the CoCoon is an IoT enabled smart bee hive that uses an active thermal regulation system and an embedded treatment for the varroa destructor, the most dangerous threat to the health of bees. The CoCoon smart hive is self-powering and has a full suite of monitoring software via GSM and LoRa.


A smart cover for water meters that protects and insulates them against freezing to -11.2°F and uses IoT monitoring technology. The product is remotely controlled via a mobile application allowing for real-time monitoring and leak-detection.

Azultec Cube 300

A mid range cryptocurrency mining PC, the Azultec Cube 300 costs $6,999 and is reportedly the most energy efficient, eco-friendly crypto-miner on the market. It is equipped with 8 GTX 1070 graphic cards, 2 TB HDD memory and 4 GB DDR4-RAM, with each graphics card being water cooled for maximum efficiency.


French bio pool manufacturer BIOPOOLTECH has unveiled the BIOPOOLSAFE, the world’s first smart pool solution. The unit converts bodies of water into an ecologically balanced pool without use of chemical agents. Artificial Intelligence and IoT software allows pools to become ecologically sustainable.


For more information and the full list of honorees, click here.


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