May 19, 2020

Changeup in Google's newest VPs via Larry Page

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Changeup in Google's newest VPs via Larry Page

Written By: Nadia Ibanez

Larry Page is Google’s newest CEO and has already promoted six executives into senior VP positions, which will help to divide the search engine company into six different product categories. According to Mashable, this promotion is an effort to make Google leaner, less bureaucratic and more innovative. The executives will also be given greater control of the divisions they will now maintain.

The company’s new lineup of senior vice presidents is Alan Eustace, Vic Gundotra, Salar Kamangar, Sundar Pichai, Andy Rubin and Susan Wojcicki. Eustace (previously SVP of engineering and research) is now SVP of search, Gundotra is SVP of social, Kamangar is SVP of YouTube and video, Pichai is SVP of Chrome, Rubin is SVP of mobile and Wojcicki is SVP of ads, according to Mashable.

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Google’s Operating Committee was always a large part of management at the search engine, along with vital decision making. Media sources believe that Page’s change in VPs may be for a way for the company to shift power to make for a more entrepreneurial force in the technology and Internet industries.

Larry Page has been looking for ways to increase efficiencies and entrepreneurship, while reducing bureaucracy at Google. The massive search engine is hoping to improve its social strategy, and not to mention, take care of its privacy policies with users.

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