May 19, 2020

CIO Association Canada acquires 400th member after growing 28%

CIO Association Canada
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CIO Association Canada acquires 400th member after growing 28%

The CIO Association Canada (CIOCAN) has announced the acquisition of its 400th member this week, with the group citing a 28% growth rate within the past 16 months.

The non-profit organisation is a community of CIOs, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and IT leaders, that collectively look to innovate through networking, sharing and collaboration.

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“Even though we have passed four hundred members we’re still growing,” said Humza Teherany, President of CIOCAN. “We attribute this to key strategies such as the addition of the CISO division, the 2017 Peer Forum that was absolutely fantastic, and we’re on our way to planning our 2018 event.”

“Our Associate members continue to grow, and we’ve had great support partnership from our vendor community across Canada,” Teherany continued. “We are now on a quest for 500 members.”

The association currently represents $2bn of spending power, with the aim of spearheading industry disruption in order to accelerate both personal and national business growth.

CIOCAN has also helped to establish an Advisory Board under the Telus Thought Leadership agreement, with the aim of developing a community of CIO’s who discuss common issues, trends and challenges faced by CIOs.

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