May 19, 2020

Cloud services are developing rapidly in the US

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Catherine Rowell
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Cloud services are developing rapidly in the US

The implementation of cloud services has grown exponentially since last year, with a number of acquisitions, mergers and rise of sustainable, word class data centers, which will enable increased security within multinational corporations.

It has recently been announced that Equinix has now decided to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud (part of Alibaba Group) in an effort to provide scalability to Alibaba Cloud’s services through Equinix Cloud Exchange in the company's Hong Kong, US and Australian based data centers. Europe will also be included further down the line.

By providing customers with secure and direct access to Alibaba Cloud, Equinix will provide connectivity to the full suite of Alibaba cloud services. Yeming Wang, Deputy General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Global said, "The global reach of Equinix Cloud Exchange makes it simple for Alibaba Cloud to access new markets. We are pleased to provide greater value and bring our services closer to enterprises by leveraging Equinix's powerful, on-demand cloud connectivity.”

IBM has also seen developments, incorporating a new service which will be incorporated within IBM Cloud. Enabling improved employee productivity by providing users to gain access to their preferred business applications and cloud apps through launching IBM Cloud Identity Connect as a new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS).

The development links with the rise of remote working, enabling workers to gain access to cloud platforms, anytime, anywhere through a multitude of devices.

Furthermore, Microsoft is continually ahead of the curve, leading to the company recently joining Cloud Foundry, alongside CISCO, IBM, Google and Intel, amongst others. The non-profit Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology focused organisation is one which is favoured by multinational corporations, and according to their website, “the highest quality cloud-native applications and software, at high velocity with global scale.”

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