Discover ScoopMAE's new mobile platform and why you need it for your business

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Are you currently familiar with ScoopMAE? If you run a business, you should know all about it! A leader in mobile awareness and engagement (MAE) solutions, ScoopMAE recently announced the launch of a new product—the Scoop®4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform.

With the ability to offer assistance in a wide range of industries, ScoopMAE is a definitely a new type of technology that you may want to consider utilizing to help better structure your company—here’s why!

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When it comes to using Scoop, the benefits can vary. For example, those working on the operational side of the company can quickly and cost-effectively build, deploy and even maintain mobile apps without the assistance and/or hassle of developers or other technical issues that can and often do arise.

Furthermore, your apps are configured and run within the Scoop environment, which only furthers the amount of security being used and the flexible access control. Those using the product also have the ability to run reports via cross-linking and analyzing data.

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CEO and co-founder of ScoopMAE Babak Sardary offered the following statement:

“Over the years I spent a lot of time working in the field and witnessed firsthand how overwhelmed teams were with juggling all of the tools needed to properly capture and share information with their home offices. It because clear what these teams really wanted was a new way to record, share and collaborate together. In essence, we’ve given them a modern, multimedia means of communicating.”

What ScoopMAE can specifically do for your industry

As mentioned earlier, one of the great aspects offered by ScoopMAE is the fact that it has the ability to assist a range of industries. For example, when used in manufacturing sectors, the product can help with plant inspections and audits. The same can be said when ScoopMAE is used in relation to energy and utilities fields, also aiding with check-sheets.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Other industries where ScoopMAE’s solutions can be utilized include field services, retail and logistics, mining and insurance. In these various fields, you can gain assistance with claims, appraisals, application forms, retail store inspections, audits and more.

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Specifically, the operations manager of a renewable energy company who manages the wind or solar energy farms could utilize the Scoop®4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform and other various Scoop apps to assist with workflow, communication and syncing data and information across plants in different locations.

ScoopMAE is a division of Trusterra Technologies, Inc., which is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.   

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