May 19, 2020

Disney Research has developed instant wireless charging

Disney Research wireless charging
Catherine Rowell
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Disney Research has developed instant wireless charging

Although technology is increasingly making life easier for individuals and creating innovative solutions, the traditional process of charging mobile devices has remained the same. However, Disney Research is set to revolutionise this.

The organisation has been working behind the scenes to implement instant wireless charging, which will allow it to work in a similar way to everyday Wi-Fi and charge devices instantly as users enter homes and establishments.

Through developing a prototype room to test the technology, which could replace batteries and repetitive charging points in the future, it will reduce the number of wires which are embedded in homes and organisations and devices will instead be charged through a magnetic field and electric waves.

However, the only challenge Disney Research faces is implementing this within everyday establishments, as the prototype room is completely constructed with aluminium panelling, with a copper pole placed within the centre, creating a continual rotation of power. Although highly beneficial in theory, it will be interesting to see how Disney implements this worldwide.

In the journal, PLOS One, Disney researchers Matthew J. Chabalko, Mohsen Shahmohammadi and Alanson P. Sample are set to make the notion a reality through quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR). However, there are concerns with regards to endangering human health, being so close to such electric waves, but it will be on a low frequency in order to diminish this risk.

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