May 19, 2020

Do You Suffer from Internet Addiction? Canadians Rank amongst Biggest Online Users in the World

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Do You Suffer from Internet Addiction? Canadians Rank amongst Biggest Online Users in the World

Do you feel as if you’re currently suffering from addiction? An online addiction, that is. Well, you may not be alone. According to comScore Canada, when it comes to accessing the Internet from a desktop computer, Canadians rank higher than anyone else—in the world! That’s right, Canadians are guilty of spending the most time on online and visiting websites, but only when referring to desktop usage.

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The Numbers behind the Title

Different factors were observed in order to come up with this statistic, such as average monthly unique visitors. In conclusion, comScore discovered that Canadians visit an average of 80 sites and spend right around 36.6 hours online on their desktops every single month.

Interestingly enough, Canada just recently resurfaced to the top spot after coming in second place the past two years. It seems that once Canadians log in and start surfing the web, they stay in one place longer than other users—an average of 3,238 pages are visited every month.

When it comes to using the Internet via a mobile device, there was a five percent increase this year—totaling 24 million subscribers. With these mobile devices, commonly used functions were instant messaging, games and various social media outlets. Amongst the most popular sites were Twitter and Snapchat. Mobile devices are often used for online shopping purposes, too.

However, tablets were usually used to take and manage photos, as well as to listen to Internet music. Desktops were mostly utilized to view reports regarding news and sports, as well as do a little online shopping.

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