Does your phone have the business features offered by Samsung's Galaxy S6?

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Impressively made with glass and metal, Samsung has recently released the Galaxy S6. On April 10th, nearly every carrier in Canada received the new smartphone; there are a range of features that have the device standing out from other models and manufactures—take a look!

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Sure, the new phone looks good, but what can it specifically offer you? First off, keeping with the theme of appearances, the Samsung S6 is made with metal and Gorilla Glass 4, meaning the phone gives off a more professional look—something appropriate for a CEO. Even more importantly, the phone’s size, construction and weight make it much easier to carry and transport. Therefore, whether you’re stepping into a meeting or traveling for business, finding a pocket for your cell shouldn’t be an issue. As well, the screen is very bright, meaning you can even easily view your phone under bright sunlight.

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More importantly, the smartphone is fast. Specifically, the S6 uses faster UFS 2.0 memory for storage purposes. This feature makes it faster than MicroSD storage, allowing it to outperform the competition. The S6 also utilizes TouchWiz and doesn’t have as many preinstalled Samsung applications (i.e. you won’t apps on your phone that you don’t need, want or even use). McAfee powered anti-malware has also been built into the phone.

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Do you currently use your phone’s camera to assist you with your day-to-day business tasks? The S6’s camera offers a 16 MP Sony Exmor RS sensor with an upgraded f/1.9 wider aperture lens, meaning the low-light performances from previous phones has been upgraded and improved. As well, you can manually control the focus of the camera; the feature is incredibly fast. The low-light performance also works quite well, whether you’re using your phone for business or pleasure.

Depending on your particular needs, you may discover that the Galaxy S6 from Samsung is right for you!

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