Ebates Finds September Shopping More Frugal than Ever

By Bizclik Editor


Ebates®, an online shopping site that offers customers cash back, reports that consumers are more frugal this year when it comes to back-to-school purchases.  With gas prices and unemployment affecting families in the economic downturn, Ebates has seen more consumers whom participate in online shopping wanting Ebates exclusive offerings such as online coupons, free shipping, and cash back through Ebates.com.

“We’re seeing a 50 per cent increase in purchases through Ebates compared to this time last year and we suspect it’s becauseNorth Americans are more frugal than ever,” says Kevin Johnson, CEO of Ebates.  “Not only can you get better deals on back-to-school shopping through Ebates, but you can also save time by avoiding long lines and traffic at the store,” Johnson added.

This insight has come at the right time, just as Ebates’ special back-to-school sale begins. This year, Ebates is offering up to 12 percent cash back, for a limited time,  to Canadian consumers at dozens of retailers including: Sears Canada, Sony Canada, Old Navy, Dell, Macy’s, Sephora, and JCPenney.

Free to sign up, Ebates.com provides an easy way for families to save money on essential items such as clothing, shoes, and school supplies, laptops, dorm room furniture, and even textbooks.

Amanda Tripp, an Ebates user,  shops online throughout the year and saves cash she gets back specifically for back-to-school items.  “I always check on Ebates first before heading to the store or mall.  The cash back usually adds up to about $300 for the year,” says Tripp.  “When back to school time comes around, I use that cash for my children’s clothing and online.”

When it comes to September online shopping, Ebates has five tips to give online shoppers the best savings while purchasing items online:

1) Do the Math on Big Savings

On big-ticket items such as laptops, smartphones, and video games you can save big if you do a little homework.  Free shipping offers are available at a number of stores; while others may be offering increased savings for back to school products, like you’ll find right now with extra cash back offered at 12 stores on Ebates including Dell and HP Home.  Make a list of total savings, add them up, and go with the store that offers the best overall deal.

2) Click on Coupons

Just because you don’t have a coupon in hand, doesn’t mean you can’t get big savings.  Find DOUBLE cash-back offers, over 5,000 online coupons and free shipping codes on anything from clothes, shoes, accessories and even school supplies on Ebates right now.

3) Curb Impulse Shopping

Not only are you saving on gas by not driving to the store, but you are also less likely to put items in your basket that you don’t really need. You may even help your diet by not being tempted by that candy bar at the check-out line!

4) Deals on Daily Necessities

Need contacts for class, or a new supply of make-up?  Purchase everyday items through stores like 1800Contacts and Sephora, where you can get 5% and 8% cash back.  You just made extra money on something you had to buy anyway!

5) Rent to Save

College students can save by purchasing used and reduced-price textbooks through Ebates on sites like Chegg, Textbooks.com, and TextbookStop.  Even these sites offer coupons or cash back with a check in the mail or money in your PayPal account.

Ebates has had over 1,200 online stores join the roster of retailers that offer cash back, special deals including free shipping, and over 5000 coupons to members of Ebates.com. The free membership allows consumers to shop online at their favourite retailers while earning a percentage of every purchase they make; paid quarterly in the form of a "Big Fat Check" or through PayPal. From niceties to necessities, members of Ebates benefit from incentives at top-name merchants for everything from furniture to fashion and appliances to airfare. The site supports a strong community of savvy shoppers across the country and around the world.


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