Equinix: Data Center And Colocation Pioneers

By Jack Grimshaw
Equinix is a key strategic partner of Colotraq, and delivers leading data center and colocation services to consumers across the globe...

As a business looking to continue expanding and investing into its environmental footprint, Equinix is aim ing to meet the demands of its consumers with cutting-edge, innovative technologies in the most sustainable way possible.

Featured as one of Colotraq’s partners, and as a joint pioneer of data centers, Equinix works closely with the company to deliver a collaborative interconnected suite of services and solutions. 

Speaking to Business Chief North America on the company’s services and its partnership with Colotraq, Equinix’s Vice President of Americas Partner Sales, Jules Johnston said “The team we’ve put together in the last few years has helped the company go from what was single digits in terms of partner-connected selling to something greater than 30% of our bookings globally.”

Johnston joined Equinix in early 2016, and has been at the forefront of the accelerated collaborative effort between the two companies. She continues “We’re on a path and committed to do the majority of our business with partners, so it’s been very exciting to be part of that. The team I lead today is the 40-person Americas partner sales organisation, and our job is to work with partners so that we can help our field and inside sellers meet at the customer.”

By working and collaborating closely with colocation specialists Colotraq, the companies have been able to work with one another to meet customer needs and advise on digital edge strategy briefings. 

With increasingly innovative trends such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain all having a larger impact on the industry, the future is looking brighter for Equinix and for both its partners and customers, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Equinix was able to help a global financial powerhouse stand up 120,000 employees remotely in three days.” Johnston said. “In this current climate, companies have a real need for that. We’re able to use our digital platform to help companies make those kinds of moves.”


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