FLIR Systems pays $200mn for UAS manufacturer Aeryon Labs

By hotmaillogin

Oregon-based sensor systems manufacturer FLIR Systems today completed its acquisition of Aeryon Labs, a  leading designer and manufacturer of small, unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Used for global military applications, public safety and civil infrastructure solutions, Aeryon’s drones are currently deployed by 20 militaries in over 30 countries around the world, including the United States Department of Defense.

FLIR, which manufactures thermal imaging and adjacent technologies with security and surveillance, environmental and condition monitoring, outdoor recreation, machine vision, navigation, and advanced threat detection applications, has paid US$200mn for Aeryon Labs.

“The acquisition of Aeryon Labs reinforces our long-term strategy to move beyond providing sensors to the development of complete solutions that save lives and livelihoods,” said Jim Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR Systems in a press release.

“This acquisition, coupled with our acquisition of Prox Dynamics in 2016, greatly increases our unmanned systems solutions capabilities, expanding beyond nano-UAS into Group 1 UAS solutions for military. We intend to continue to invest and build this area of our business and broaden our capabilities as we view unmanned and autonomous solutions to be a significant opportunity for organic growth in the coming years.”


Aeryon’s vertical takeoff and landing quad-copter airframes already use FLIR’s thermal imaging technology, among other sensor formats to provide immediate high-resolution intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability. The company’s flagship UAS is the SkyRanger, which is able to be transported and operated by a single user in inclement weather and at high altitude. The system is also designed with a modular and open architecture, allowing for further customization by users and third-party developers.

“We’re thrilled to join the FLIR family and to have a large, growth-oriented technology company as our new home,” said Dave Kroetsch, Co-founder and CTO of Aeryon Labs. “As drone technology and its markets evolve, customers are seeking UAS as just one component of a broader solution. While Aeryon has been evolving in that direction for the past few years, being part of FLIR Systems brings a path to include our hardware and software technologies in much bigger solutions than would have ever been possible on our own.”


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