Freshworks provides tech solutions to help navigate COVID-19

By Knackles

Business software innovator Freshworks is helping customers sustain business continuity during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In early April, Business Chief explored the company’s history and its dedication to streamlining software and providing users with an intuitive, ‘out-of-the-box’ experience.

Currently utilised by over 150,000 clients over the world, Freshworks’ suite of 13 services, including FreshdeskFreshsuccess and Freshworks 360, helps to seamlessly integrate the technical requirements of the customer journey and enhance both the client and team member experience.

However, far from being a ‘fairweather solution’, the company is taking a bold stance to push through new products, services and functions for existing software in order to help struggling businesses maximise their potential. 

Exhibiting best-practice in challenging times

Believing that best-practice starts with great in-house culture, CEO Girish Mathrubootham stated on his blog that, first and foremost, new measures to protect staff would be introduced during “extraordinary times.”

“All of our 3000 employees across 13 offices have been asked to work from home to ensure social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus,” Mathrubootham said.

“While we are all remote, we are fully prepared with Business Continuity processes to ensure that we provide the same level of service and accessibility to Freshworks software.


“Our product support team has activated their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to abide by Service Level Agreements that meet the ongoing customer needs.”

Freshworks is committed to ensuring that the quality of its customer service remains as high as ever, with staff still available through phone, web and online chat as before. All remote workers will operate through VPNs to ensure that strict data confidentiality and protection is maintained. 

Unlocking potential

However, more than merely trying to maintain a similar level of service, Freshworks wants to actively engage its clients to unlock latent potential during COVID-19 pandemic conditions:

Free access to services: For SMEs (50 employees or less), this includes unrestricted free access to two of its services - Freshchat and Freshcaller - for six months.

Reducing communication strains: Freshworks recognises that healthcare and government call volume may have increased exponentially for some organisations. To remedy this, the company is offering crisis support software at no charge.

Digitising customer service: For a limited time, Freshworks will be granting free three-month access to Freshchat. A truly digital solution, Freshchat utilises chatbots to help solve customer enquiries - a solution which can subsequently optimise a company’s workforce in other sectors.

In addition, Freshworks has created informative resources for companies struggling to define how they should adapt to a new way of working, including remote working strategiesnew sales techniques and how to ‘humanise’ IT for a new era.

For more information on business topics in Canada, please take a look at the latest edition of Business Chief North America


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