Globalgig Eliminates International Data Roaming Charges

By Bizclik Editor


When traveling abroad for business or pleasure, many have to forgo using the Internet on their smartphone to avoid expensive data roaming charges. This means the opportunity to regularly check email, update Facebook, or even upload photos is put on hiatus until back in the States.

Globalgig solves that problem. Offered by Voiamo, the Globalgig service offers users a convenient mobile hotspot that’s automatically linked to a local network for a low monthly price. Avoiding the hassles of international data roaming costs, users simply switch the device on and are able to access the Internet at speeds of up to 7.2 MB per second. The device allows up to five devices to connect, making mobile International meetings a possibility.

“It’s time to bring an end to the rip-off data bills that business people face upon their return from travelling abroad,” said Nigel Bramwell, CEO of Voiamo, the company behind Globalgig.  “Our simple Globalgig Hotspot device brings people fast, secure, carrier-grade internet access through local networks.  Globalgig enables them to use and download their favorite apps, find where they need to go on interactive maps, share and send pictures, use video chat, email and receive large attachments - all with the assurance that they will get the most out of their mobile online experience, reliably and securely at a breakthrough price that will make international data roaming charges obsolete.”

Globalgig offers monthly bundles of 1GB for $25, 3GB for $39 and 5GB for $49. Even further, US customers who want to avoid contracts with the local telecom companies could use the device for every day Internet use.

“Sometimes conscientious travelers try to avoid roaming charges by purchasing local SIM cards when they reach their destination, in order to access data on their phones,” added Bramwell. “Other travelers have to deal with the cumbersome, lengthy process of purchasing expensive pricing plans with their carriers, which forces them to mentally ration their mobile data use.  Globalgig cuts out all this hassle and enables international travelers to keep their SIM card in the phone to remain in full contact with their family, friends, customers, colleagues and suppliers, while at the same time having high speed internet access.”



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International data charges can be up to $20 per megabyte, while Globalgig’s 5GB package offers 5,120 MB for as little as $.095, almost a penny, per MB.  Available online for $119 at, Globalgig is currently available in the US, Australia and the UK through connection to the Sprint, Singapore Telecom group, or Three network respectively.  Globalgig expects to launch in the Asian and European Union markets over the next 12 months. 


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