May 19, 2020

GM Canada to build renewable landfill-gas-to-energy plant

General Motors
St. Catharines
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GM Canada to build renewable landfill-gas-to-energy plant

General Motors (GM) Canada has unveiled its plans to build a 6.4MW facility that will convert landfill gas to energy to generate electricity at its St. Catharines Propulsion plant.

The project will be undertaken in partnership with Alectra Utilities, the TargetGHG program and Integrated Gas Recovery Services, and will be funded by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science.

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“Supporting the efforts of large industries in their quest to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions is an important part of our government’s Climate Change Action Plan,” says Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science.

“With the help of our province’s innovative cleantech companies, the TargetGHG program will help build a prosperous, low carbon economy and create a cleaner, more sustainable future for Ontario.”

The proposed project will reduce the net greenhouse emissions of the facility by an estimated 77%, in addition to reducing its energy electrical costs.

“With the support of OCE, Alectra Utilities, and IGRS, this proposed co-generation project will enable GM Canada and our partners to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions from our St Catharines operations while significantly lowering our plant energy operating costs,” said David Paterson, Vice President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs, GM.

Once operational, the clean energy provided will power up to 32% of the St. Catharines plant. Further, it will be Ontario’s first renewable landfill gas industrial cogeneration system.

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