GreatCall's Technology Promotes Customer Safety

By Bizclik Editor


Ever wondered when  it’s the right time to call 911? Is the emergency great enough to deem police help, or is it just a case of anxiety over something minimal? GreatCall has a new, innovative solution for such a situation. Providing help at the touch of a button, GreatCall’s 5-Star Urgent Response service is innovative in its technological aspect.

The service provides users a connection to agents who are trained to respond to any type of situation. From providing advice, staying on the phone for safety or dispatching 911, users will feel incredibly safe with this new service offering.


Differentiating itself as a company that’s creating technology with safety attributes, GreatCall has been implementing safety aspects into its products since 2006.

“We based everything on what we know is important to our customers, which is staying easily connected to friends and family, staying healthy and staying safe,” said Bill Yates, VP of Marketing and Sales, GreatCall.

GreatCall, a San Diego based technology company, is the creator of the Jitterbug cell phone. Since Jitterbug’s launch, GreatCall has distinguished itself with its vision of staying healthy and safe. Since 2009, GreatCall has won the CTIA app of the year with applications such as Live Nurse—a 24/7 connection to an accredited nurse for Jitterbug customers, Medication Reminders, and 5 Star Urgent Response.

This success in GreatCall’s branding is a direct result of one Canadian’s thinking. Bill Yates, VP of Marketing and Sales at GreatCall has been with the company since 2007. Coming to the company with a wealth of mobile marketing experience, Yates previously worked with Bell Mobility, Presidents Choice and helped Bell launch its Canadian value brand, Solo.

“Obviously, I had experience with Bell Mobility in learning the importance of staying true to what the consumers’ needs are. The valuable experience I had was the launching of multiple brands. What was needed at GreatCall was to take a company into its niche by building a differentiated business and brand. It was a niche branding play and that’s my experience and expertise,” said Yates.

Together, Yates and GreatCall have proven that the company is a leader in innovation. Taking services and products to the next level and plans to continue to innovate—proven through its recent 5 Star Urgent Response service iPhone app. GreatCall is proof of a combination of American and Canadian innovation that’s making customers’ lives safer.

“GreatCall has become exactly that, a recognized national brand and a niche player that knows its space,” said Yates. 


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