May 19, 2020

High-Tech Dog Collar Texts Owners When Pups Get Overheated

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High-Tech Dog Collar Texts Owners When Pups Get Overheated


Even though it’s not recommended, owners nonetheless leave their pets in their cars. Whether due to non-dog friendly business or a quick stop that takes longer than expected, pets can get overheated or even die from high temperatures within owners’ vehicles. Due to this problem, Canadian ad agency Rethink and the Toronto Humane Society have paired up to create a high-tech dog collar that will text an owner when their pet is in trouble.

Inspired by founder Starkman’s own close call with his dog Hefty, Rethink’s dog collar utilizes a SIM card, thermistor and a coded chip. When a dog’s temperature passes 26 degrees Celsius the collar texts and alerts owners in an effort to save their pet’s lives. Expected to be launched in 2013, the collar is expected to be priced around $20.

“We never ever under any circumstance want anyone leaving a dog in a car,” Starkman said to the Toronto Star— but “if the collar does end up saving a dog in a car, we’ll obviously be thrilled in that result.”



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The Toronto Humane Society and Rethink have also launched a PSA campaign about leaving dogs in the car. Titled #Dog Friendly, the PSA creates a community that shares dog friendly spots, information about how a dog can be in serious trouble less than 15 minutes trapped in a hot car, ways to recognize a distressed dog and ways to alert the Toronto Humane Society when witnessing a dog locked in the car.

The Toronto Humane Society PSA is below: 

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