How to bring bricks-and-mortar shopping to ecommerce

By Bizclik Editor

With the advancements of today’s technology, online is becoming the norm for many shoppers. In a recent survey in Britain, 29 percent of respondents stated that online shopping is the ‘best tech development of our time’. They mean it as well with eMarketer forecasting that the global ecommerce trade is expected to increase by 20.1 percent this year to reach $1.5 trillion, and with 70 percent of shoppers claiming to prefer online over real world shopping.

But there is another revolution of sorts happening. You may have noticed whilst shopping in physical stores, from the layout and positioning of the store to the colors and signage used, that consumer psychology is at work. Who hasn’t noticed that when your local supermarket changes their layout that you end up with odd product combinations to entice you to spend more.

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But how can this be applied in the world of online shopping? While the global ecommerce trade is showing no signs of slowing, we have all heard the hesitancies many consumers have. Without the ability to touch, smell or try on online purchases, barriers to purchase can be prevalent for many online retailers.

Now the online players are experimenting with replicating the real world shopping experience. Here are a few exciting technologies (and some simple ones too) that are among many that have the potential to change the way we shop online forever.

Shopping with friends online

Online social shopping (sometimes referred to a s-commerce) is increasing in popularity in this digital age and proving itself to be not just a passing trend. Providers such as Mallzee, Wanelo, Svpply, Fab, Fancy, and many more are bringing the mall to your online shopping experiences and they are bringing your friends and recommendations along for the trip. These social shopping sites are removing the isolation of shopping online by integrating the real world experience of recommendations through online social sharing, ultimately providing the shopper with purchase validation and an even bigger wish-list.

Wanelo Social Shopping.jpg

Wanelo social shopping

Interactive display

A bonus when shopping in the real world is that you can take a few steps into the store and get a good idea of the collective products at a quick glance.

Show See Sold. powered by thereitis is bringing that experience to the online world with a simple but effective interactive display. Shoppers are able to enjoyably browse an entire collection finding items that catch their eye, while increasing time on site, conversion and average spend for online stores. They can spin, zoom and click through items delivering a more immersive interactive experience.

Show See Sold Interactive Display.jpg

Show. See. Sold. interactive display

Virtual dressing rooms

Sometimes the biggest barrier for completing a transaction is the uncertainty of product fit. Providers such as aim to reduce this barrier through virtual dressing rooms that allow shoppers to inspect elements such as size, fit and look, improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion for retailers.

fits me virtual dressing room.jpg virtual dressing room

Bonus: Instagram

Many fashion stores are using the social photo sharing network, Instagram, to showcase looks so that online only customers can keep up to date with what the staff and customers are loving and wearing. Many of us will admit to paying attention to the sales assistants outfit and what other people are purchasing, as social creatures it can be a form of validation that can be applied effectively online. This platform is an excellent way of providing this real world experience online and can even be linked to an online store and product pages to inspire a sites visitors like Free People do.

Free People's Customer Photos Display.jpg

Free People's customer photo display

Now over to you. Would you like to use any of these technologies whilst shopping online? Are you going to think about implementing any in your online store? Or have we missed anything? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.


About the author

Shaylee Rogers is the Marketing Coordinator for thereitis & Show. See. Sold.Interactive Display for Shopify. Learn more about Interactive Display at


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