May 19, 2020

[INFOGRAPHIC] How global brands are using renewable energy

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How global brands are using renewable energy

From wind power to solar power, renewables are quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing and most valuable sectors of the energy industry. They have also caught the attention of some of the most important and influential global businesses, who have started integrating renewable energy into their operations. It’s not just trendy, it’s good business sense—along with the CSR boost, renewable energy generation can also add efficiencies and reduce costs.

In this infographic from Visual Capitalist, we can see a breakdown of how five of the biggest global brands are working with renewable energy. Microsoft, for example, has made a significant investment in wind power including 20-year commitments with wind power projects in Illinois and Texas in its efforts to be carbon neutral. Meanwhile Google is investing in solar power and cogeneration along with carbon credits to maintain its long-running carbon neutral status. Ikea, Walmart, and Sony have also made significant progress in their own sustainability efforts.

But while every business may not have the capital to build a solar farm or make a billion dollar investment in a supplier, both large and small businesses can learn from these examples and find ways to become greener and more efficient. Check out the full infographic:

[SOURCE: Visual Capitalist]

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