May 19, 2020

Intel subsidiary to supply autonomous driving technology to 2mn vehicles

Pouyan Broukhim
2 min
Intel subsidiary to supply autonomous driving technology to 2mn vehicles

In the opening conference of CES 2018, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that its subsidiary, Mobileye, will be supplying 2mn autonomous vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen with its Road Experience Management technology.

Intel bought Israel’s Mobileye last year in the aim of competing with the likes of Qualcomm and Nvidia in the growing market of autonomous vehicles.

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“Data is going to introduce social and economic changes that we see perhaps once or twice in a century,” Krzanich said. “We not only find data everywhere today, but it will be the creative force behind the innovations of the future. Data is going to redefine how we experience life – in our work, in our homes, how we travel, and how we enjoy sports and entertainment.”

Krzanich also gave insight into the firm’s new automated driving platform that combines both Intel’s Atom processors with Mobileye’s EyeQ5 chips that will be capable of powering the most complex autonomous vehicles.

Further, Intel additionally revealed that the company will partner with China’s SAIC Motor, a leading automotive manufacturer; NavInfo, another digital mapping company; and Ferrari North America, with the aim of deploying the likes of digital mapping, AI and other smart technologies throughout the autonomous vehicle market.

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