May 19, 2020

iPhone 5 will be on the market in September

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iPhone 5 will be on the market in September


Chatter about the iPhone 5 has dissipated over the last few months; however, reports are coming out this week that the next-generation phone will be available to customers this fall in September. Bloomberg appears to have inside sources and reveals that Apple will introduce the new device with its A5 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. Other news sites, including Bloomberg, say that the iPhone 5 will closely resemble its predecessor and may still use a 5 megapixel camera.

In prior years, the announcement of Apple’s smartphone release usually hits around the same time of its WWDC conference in early June. We can imagine that there are a few factors postponing the company’s unveil of the iPhone 5, including Steve Jobs’ medical leave and the addition of Verizon Wireless as one of the mobile carriers. Apple skipped its annual summer release schedule with the iPhone, making its fall iPod and music event in or near September the next best option for the iPhone 5’s release date.

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There is also some chatter about a new iPad that would have a high-resolution screen similar to the one now used in the iPhone 4. Bloomberg reports that the screen resolution is said to be a third higher than that of the iPad 2, which would obviously make for a pricier device.

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